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Best Offbeat Coastal Destinations in India for Corporate Offsites

A beach is a great destination to head to for your next team outing. Why keep going to commercial, crowded beaches though? Explore a more pristine, offbeat beach destination in India with your team next time.

Visakhapatnam: The city of destiny as it's fondly called bas gorgeous virgin beaches with golden sands, blue waters, hillocks and breathtaking landscapes. If you ever want to go beyond beaches, the city also offers great options for trekking with Buddhist remnant sites and Araku Valley a few hours away.

Puri: The pilgrimage town, home to the famed temple of Lord Jagannath, is also famous for its golden beaches and high waves, which make it ideal for surfing. Don't miss the Sun temple at Konark when in town.

Gokarna: This town is known for its pristine and secluded beaches, and makes for a perfect getaway if you're looking to unwind. Go hiking, take in boat rides, or explore the coastal walking trail with your team.

Tarkarli: A part of Sindhudurg distric in Maharashtra, if you are looking for gorgeous beaches straight out of a painting, this one's for you. Lase on the coral beach, explore water sports, scuba diving and boating at Karli river, and visit the Sindhudurg fort here.

Diu: Located to the south of Gujarat, this was a former Portugese colony. The beaches in town are quiet and isolated. Ride bicycles around town with your team, and visit the Diu Fort, Naida caves and other colonial monuments when in town.


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