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5 Best Games for Team Building

How do you make team bonding activities effective? By making sure your team has fun, of course! Here are some highly engaging and fun games to foster team building among your employees.

Scavenger Hunt: Group your employees into small teams of up to 5, and hand each group a list of quirky tasks to perform outdoors. What's best about this game is that it can be played easily within the office compound or even when you're out on an offsite. Activities include identifying specific symbols at certain locations, taking selfies with strangers, hunting down hidden clues or objects, etc. The team that accomplishes all tasks first becomes the winner.

Human Knot: This one's better suited to larger groups, of around 8-9 people. Each team has to form a circle facing inwards. They then need to put their right hands into the circle and hold on to each other's hands at random. Repeat the process with the left hands as a next step until there is a complete jumble of knots formed. The team that manages to detangle these knots and free their hands first will win the game.

Pictionary: Ideal for small groups, this game would foster creativity and communication among teammates. Each group nominates a member who is shown a random object. This person has to enact a use for this object, without words, while other members have to guess the answer. The group that makes the maximum right guesses within the time limit wins this game.

Blind Obstacles: Another game best played with small teams of 4-5 members, this game needs one volunteer to be blindfolded and led across a maze of obstacles. Other team members have to issue directions to the blindfolded teammate to navigate through the maze safely. The group that finishes the maze race successfully in the least amount of time gets crowned the winnner.

Mixed Jigsaw: This one's a surefire way to improve team bonding as well as negotiation skills. Form multiple teams of up to 5 members each. Each player gets a few puzzle pieces, from multiple jigsaw puzzles. The team that manages to collect the right pieces of the puzzle and put together the right jigsaw in the shortest possible time wins. This game requires extensive skills in bartering and locating the right puzzle pieces and will foster competitiveness as well as a way to work together with other teams.


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