5 of Our Favorite Sports Movies that Celebrate Teamwork

Think team, and one of the first things that pops up in your head is sports. Out on the playing field is where the true strength of teamwork is displayed in all its glory. So, if you're looking to motivate your team, here are some of our favorite sports-based movies to drive home your point.

Field of Dreams: This fantasy-drama sports film tells the story of a farmer who goes on to build a baseball field based on a dream he has. The movie depicts the importance of second chances, redemption, and for the sheer love of baseball, way before it turned into a commercial enterprise of present day.

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Remember the Titans: Based on a real-life incident, this movie tells the tale of a Virginia high school football team after integration, and the challenges faced by African-American coach Herman Boone in getting players from both sides to come together and form a winning team, setting aside their differences and racism.

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