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5 of Our Favorite Movies on the Importance of Teamwork

Some movies leave a lasting impression on our minds, and stay with us long after we've seen them. Here are some of our favorite and most memorable films that remind us about the importance of teamwork.

Chak De India: A fictional story about Indian national women's field hockey team, how they come together and turn into champions. One of the most successful films in Bollywood about sports, we love the team's grit and determination to work together to win match after match.

Lagaan: Another stellar sports drama from Bollywood, Lagaan tells the tale of how a bunch of villagers play a cricket match against the British oppressors in a bid to avoid paying taxes in a drought-hit land. Watch out for the perseverance of the villagers in learning the game and how they scrape together their kits to take on their opponents.

Moneyball: Based on the true story about the Oakland Athletics team and its general manager, Moneyball highlights the challenges of building a team with a limited budget, using undervalued players, using a radical idea of assessing player value. A wonderful way to tie analytics and teamwork together, we say!

Invictus: Another sports film based on true events, this one tells the tale of events in South Africa during 1995, around the time of the Rugby World Cup of the year. Meaning unconquered or undefeated, the movie showcases the importance of casting aside differences and coming together to work towards a singular goal of success.

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Remember the Titans: This movie is also based on the true story of African-American coach Herman Boone and his attempts to integrate two high school football teams back in 1971. The movie talks about overcoming racism, casting aside preconceived notions and the importance of bonding with teammates.

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