Top 5 Budget International Destinations

Who says you've got only a limited choice worth exploring when stepping out of India?

Here are some international destinations to visit during your next corporate retreat, if you're looking for variety and loads of new experiences.


The most powerful economy in all of East Africa, this tropical land is known for its numerous National Parks and lakes, where you can explore the best range of African flora and fauna. The city of Mombasa boasts an impressive coastline to head to, for all beach lovers. 

Golf lovers too can rejoice as the country is home to some of the most beautiful golf courses in the world.


Get ready for a Middle Eastern adventure, replete with sand dunes, traditional Arabian fare and even campfires out in the desert as you head to Qatar. Marvel at the man-made island, the Pearl Qatar, which connects to Doha via a bridge.

Explore the museums to soak in the Arab culture, and make time for shopping at traditional marketplaces as well as malls around Doha.


The island nation is known for its lush green forests and steep mountains. If you go at the right time, you can partake in gala celebrations of traditional Chinese festivals - a fun way to experience culture.

Explore the hot springs, try your luck at a game or two of Mahjong and shop at night markets along the streets of Taiwan for interesting souvenirs.