Top 5 Travel Books

Bookworms and occasional readers alike will enjoy reading about journeys, getting transported into a different world, if only for a few moments as they lose themselves in the pages of the following travel books.

Into the Wild - Jon Krakauer

Into the Wild, Jon Krakauer: A non-fiction book recounting the true experiences of the author as he gives up his college fund, cuts off communication with his friends and family and leaves it all behind to hitchhike into the wilderness of Alaska, this book will inspire you into leaving behind the dreary world and planning your own escape from the trappings of the urban rat race.

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Shantaram - Gregory David Roberts

Shantaram, Gregory David Roberts: A wonderful way to learn about the Maximum City – Mumbai, this book is inspired by real events in the life of its author. The protagonist of the novel escapes from a prison in Australia and flees to India as a stopover, only to stay on and live in the slums of Mumbai, exploring the diverse culture of Bollywood and even the underworld of the city.